Mission Statement

The mission of inTouch (a not-for-profit corporation) is to provide individuals requiring long-term hospital stays with the ability to stay connected with family and friends through the use of iPads and other electronic communication devices. It is our goal to improve patient healing by facilitating communication with family and friends.

Our History

My name is Patsy Ann Joinnides. I am the President and Founder of inTouch Charities and I am a cancer survivor. In August of 2011, I was told I had stage 2/3 muscle invasive bladder cancer. I underwent an aggressive course of chemotherapy followed by surgery in late January, 2012, to remove my bladder. During this time, I was amazed by the many kindnesses shown to my family and me by family and friends. I knew that when I recovered I needed to “pay it forward.” I just wasn’t sure what it was I needed to do or even how to go about doing it. Then one day not too long ago, my husband came home from work and told me the story of his colleague Michael. This young gentleman, father of two with a third child on the way, was diagnosed with leukemia and required an extensive hospital stay with limited visitation. Michael’s coworkers bought him an iPad so he could stay in touch with his family and friends. Michael said that with this electronic communication device he was able to “visit” with his children, and more importantly they got to see him.


“I FaceTimed with my parents, my wife, my kids, my friends and even co-workers. The best was being in the delivery room with my wife while she gave birth. The iPad made it all possible.” – Michael C.


After reading Michael’s thank you note and seeing what a difference this made in his recovery and recuperation, I knew this was what I needed to do; make these available to as many patients as possible. I began by doing some research and found that the Dana-Farber Cancer Center in Massachusetts has an iPad lending program for their patients. I called there and spoke to several women who were extremely helpful in guiding me. I then contacted a major cancer treatment facility in New York City to see if they had the need and the infrastructure to provide iPads on a lending basis to their patients. I am happy to say that the answer was yes on both counts.

How You Can Help

inTouch is a Not-for-Profit Corporation established in New York State in May, 2012. You can help a long term hospital patient stay connected to family and friends by making a donation to inTouch, Inc. Together we can make a difference.